The Next Level Program

Mario asks "Is this program for me?" 


Increase Your Power, Charisma, Status

Which of these are your top three desires:

  • MORE POWER - to achieve next-level success?

  • MORE CHARISMA - to take relationships to the next level?

  • MORE STATUS - to increase your reputation and influence?

  • MORE CONFIDENCE - to make key decisions without hesitation?

  • MORE CONNECTION - to build a very powerful referral network?

  • MORE FREEDOM - to do what your heart desires?

More than 40,000 people have created breakthroughs and gained enormous traction in all of these basic desires.

This is the story of their journey to the next level of success.

All 40,000 people were stuck here!

Life keeps throwing opportunities and threats at you. You deal with problems, put out fires, do what it takes to make things happen.

Slowly, your energy depletes. Fatigue sets in. You hit flat growth plateaus. Your plans falter, you feel frustrated, stressed, stuck.


Slow growth and a life without joy, success, abundance are not the real problems. They are mere symptoms of the real problem.

The Problem:  You Play Two Games

The Outer Game - of strategy, tactics, numbers, and

The Inner Game - of self-mastery, intuition, feelings.

The Hard Truth Is: The Inner Game Controls Your Success.


The Next Level Program

Immersive | Introspective | Impactful | Transformational


A time-tested 12-week program that has helped 40,000+ goal-oriented individuals break through to their next level of success.

This program creates positive and permanent shifts in your Inner Game.

You will gain inner freedom, power, energy.

You will experience profound well-being.

The program will take you to the next level of effectiveness in your work, leadership, relationships, and overall success  

Rajesh is an unconventional coach who supports you to find your inner roadblocks and chips away with a passion to sharpen your competitive advantage drivers.

As a successful coach, I am always engaged in improving my competencies to take my value-creation to the next level. 

I can't quantify the value of unlocking my full potential. Surely worth millions?

If I had not joined the program, I would not have known what I was missing.

Phil Bedford
Networking Guru, Author, Business Coach

Gain These Nine Competitive Advantages

Wisdom Advantage

People transact with people whom they Know, Like, Trust. Discover how to improve your success scores. Create a decisive competitive advantage. Achieve total clarity on critical areas that govern success. Identify what's holding you back.

Status Advantage

Your brand captures your unique essence, strengths, and stories. With the ability to discover your “Irresistible Brand,” you will find it easy to create trust and meaningful connections. Business and success will start to flow into your life.

Leadership Advantage

Speaking is a powerful skill. But it’s the art of listening that will give you an edge. Few people truly listen and end up missing critical information. Learn to hear the context, the content, and what is left unsaid to gain a competitive advantage.

Strategic Advantage

The addiction to hard work is real. And because of it, most of us never come close to achieving our true potential. Learn to be Strategic. Create results WITHOUT hard work. You will learn to create success and abundance without the struggle.

Energy Advantage

Most people “leak” energy. They never realize their potential because they never truly focus on conserving and increasing their energy. Discover and break the patterns born in early childhood to engineer a permanent shift in your productivity.

Freedom Advantage

Dissatisfaction with what you 'have' affects your thoughts, actions, and relationships more than you can imagine. With the ability to feel abundance NOW, you will gain freedom from all the regrets of the past and more power to use in the present. 

Power Advantage

Your identity was born when you were very young, in response to something that went wrong. You felt lost, alone, scared, helpless, perhaps even angry. You will shed this identity and move from “surviving” to thriving to unlock your full potential.

Confidence Advantage

Play like the maverick leaders who defied all odds. They questioned the 'system,' broke away, and shook the world with their work. Throw out the conventional methods and discover a foolproof way to create massive breakthroughs. 

Connection Advantage

Learn how to dismantle upsets. Take inventory of your internal blocks that are holding you back from your next level of success. Release emotional, mental, and energetic blocks within you. Turn all challenging situations into win-win outcomes. 

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The Next Level Program

The Next Level Guy

Rajesh Nagjee is a serial entrepreneur running businesses with over US$ 400 million in revenues. 

In the Next Level Program, Rajesh has distilled real-world, practical wisdom and experience. You will break through your bottlenecks, delimit your potential and create exponential success.


Is The Next Level Program Designed For You?

You will access next level success if even one of these is true for you:

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The Next Level Program

Graduates Who Have Accessed The Next Level Of Success


Niousha Ehsan
Managing Director, LINKVIVA

Joining the program was the best decision I made. It was an eye-opener that transformed my leadership. Rajesh is truly gifted and has a results-driven approach with a great depth of wisdom.

Ramez Helou
Sales Guru, Consultant

Rajesh's ability to listen deeply and instantly identify each bottleneck issue is unbelievable. His precise articulation de-mystifies the most complex challenge. Rajesh is a rare master of his craft.

Himanshu Vashishtha
Ex MD, Nielsen MEA

The business grew exponentially by 300% during the program itself. So many sacred cow beliefs slaughtered. Paradigms shifted. Ineffective approaches vanished. Energies peaked. 

Hussein Hallack
Serial Entrepreneur

I was already successful with a brilliant team. I was looking for more breakthroughs. Rajesh has this amazing ability to galvanize a community of CEOs to help and support each other to grow.

Chirantan Joshi
Founder E Movers

After hands-on building E Movers, I was looking to work more 'on' the business, rather than be stuck 'in' the business. I joined the program when I saw the CEO community Rajesh had built.

Gautam Ganglani
MD, Right Selection

The Next Level Program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It deepened my self-awareness, honed my skills, and upgraded my toolkit. I was exposed to cutting-edge business ideas and approaches.

Anshuman Tanna
Investor, Real Estate Developer

I have been successful in my business ventures. I noticed I had hit a growth plateau and was looking for a coach to jump-start my next-level success. Rajesh has great wisdom and insight to help me.

Harsh Kamani
CEO, Sun Global Investments

I am very conservative and skeptical about investing in coaching programs.I reluctantly joined the Next Level Program and discovered a whole new domain of rich possibilities. Massive ROI.

Sajith Ansar
Founder & CEO, Idea Spice Design

Rajesh soon becomes your very trusted friend, philosopher, and guide. He provides a safe space for us to candidly share our innermost feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Truly liberating.

Bijay Shah
National Director BNI

What Rajesh offers, you will not get in any MBA School. I have met many coaches. Rajesh has this masterful way of being your trusted friend and relentless coach at the same time. Truly amazing!

Phil Bedford
Networking Guru, Author

The Next Level Program challenges you to explore the boundaries of your current reality and through pivotal insights, you create amazingly powerful breakthroughs to easily move to the next level.

Poorya Montaseri
Serial Entreperenur

Rajesh uses every resource from an incredibly large repertoire of skills and strategies to encourage us to take big initiatives. His style is full of discipline, warmth, energy, passion, fun, and wit.

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The Next Level Program

Six Frequently Asked Questions

The Next Level Program Includes:

Weekly Zoom Meetings

Rajesh works with live case studies, focusing on pivotal elements to bring everything together with precision. World-class laser coaching. Never a dull moment, riveting dynamics. Rajesh brings the program to life!

​​Online Courseware

Carefully curated to deliver potent content. Every week, you will receive a 60-minute module: videos, downloads, assignments, designed for you to grasp the inner essence of each model, each framework, and each approach. 

Laser Feedback 

Live laser coaching and validation of assignments offered on a first-come-first-served basis to move you forward with high velocity, intense clarity, and focus. This is a unique, live case-study approach to enrich learning.

Next Level Toolkit

Carefully curated resources form a formidable Next Level Toolkit. They provide extreme attention to detail to help you take consistent steps forward as you master the art of constantly moving to the next level in every area.

The Program Includes Next Level Toolkit Resources

#1 Build Your Personal Brand

We all have a Personal Brand that has grown over the years in the communities in which we operate, based on the value we create. Except that, our Personal Brand has grown organically, almost like wild mushrooms in our back yard. 

This course will take you step-by-step to first accurately benchmark the six defining dimensions of your Personal Brand, with some shocking revelations. 

During the entire program, you will move on to upgrade these six dimensions scientifically and craft a laser-sharp Personal Brand that will transform how people start to perceive you. Your status, reputation, and goodwill will rapidly grow.

#2 - The Seven Deadly Listening Filters

Most People pride themselves as 'good listeners,' yet most of them are entirely unaware of the seven default listening filters.

In this digital course, you will become acutely aware of these seven deadly filters and how they restrict your leadership effectiveness. Within one month, you will start noticing a significant shift in your ability to create consensus easily and provide robust leadership to your teams.

Your negotiation, interview, communications, and problem-solving skills will all dramatically improve. And best of all, you will gain a substantial competitive advantage amongst your competitors & peers.

#3 - Flow State And Clear Space

To tackle something most productively you need to begin in "Clear Space." Zen practices refer to this as a “beginner’s mind.”

In this digital course, you will work with Flow State and Clear Space, two sides of the same coin of very high productivity. Physically you need all your tools in order and enough space for spreading your raw elements and assembling structures.

You need an empty head, clear of distractions and unfinished business holding your attention hostage. From this starting point, you will have your best chances for creative thinking, optimal ability to deal with surprises, maximum flexibility to come up with workarounds, and innovative solutions.
You are most productive when all of your available resources are present and accounted for, unencumbered with irrelevant pressures, with an ability to apply relaxed but concentrated focus.

The Next Level Program










The Next Level Program is designed to put you on the path to 10X your program investment within 12 months.


The Next Level Program will provide pivotal paradigm shifts, ideas, interactions, coaching, and engagement – all offered at a fun, intentional, and productive pace that will work for you.

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My Promise To You

I will carry 100% of your risk for a full 30 days.

  In my 30 years’ experience, I have never come across any participant who has implemented the tools and techniques taught in our programs and failed to achieve significant results in their personal and professional lives. 


I am willing to shoulder the risk of your entire investment for a full 30 days after the start of our work together. Should you find that the program isn’t working for you, I will return your entire investment, no questions asked. 

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The Next Level Program